An active neighborhood watch is a very effective deterrent to crime.

Does your street have a neighborhood watch?

Call Ruth Oschmann
Crime Prevention Officer, City of Palmdale
at 267-5547 or email her for more information.


Keep your car doors lock and don't store valuables in them...
theives have been breaking into cars here in Anaverde and stealing items from inside.

Click HERE to view one break-in caught on tape over on Ladyfern Lane.
(it is a large file, so might take some time to load)

Keep your eyes out for rattlesnakes...many have been seen in our neighborhoods lately.
Remember, the smaller they are the younger they are, and the young can't control the quantity of venom they inject, so are much more dangerous. Also, they have been known to reflex bite hours after they've been killed, so be very careful when disposing of them.

There are pet vaccines for rattlesnake bites, but they do not counteract the venom, only slow it's effectiveness. So even if your pet is innoculated, get them to the vet right away if they are bit.


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